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I would like to introduce myself, Im Polly Pocket!

I was left at the shelter with my eye removed and the sutures still there, an ear infection, closed nares and not altered. I got spayed, stitches removed, ear infection cleared up and my sutures removed. These nice people came and rescued me and introduced me to this glorious world!

I have learned what toys are and a soft bed and boy are they wonderful!!

I have been playing with my foster sister and we get along as long as she comes from my left side so I can see her coming, give the one eyed girl a break:)

I adore humans and just want to follow you while we hop through life together, yes I kinda hop instead of run. Thats what makes me so cute and adorable!!

Im about 3 years young and only about 18 lbs so I can fit in your pocket!!! Not really but that means you can take me with you everywhere you go.Im super friendly and can get around fabulous.

Im still learning things so keep an eye out (get that) for when I hop my way onto the adopt page because I know my person is out there that will never leave me along again. Stay tuned!


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