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Meet Monty! 

Im 4 years young and was rescued a few weeks ago.  Although I can’t use my back legs, I do have  the best little personality. Aren't I the cutest?Im settling in at my  foster home and fitting in just fine with my foster siblings. 

I don't mind baths and my amazing foster mom his helping me along in my new journey. I don't mind when she  expresses and I tolerate wearing a belly band in the house. 

Lets just say I have a big personality! I am quite the social butterfly with a lot to say. I love to sing and speak whenever I need  to be heard. If you leave the room, I  don't bark but I do yell at you to say “come back here to get me, I’m going with you!” Hey, what can I say I  love to be with people. 


I am  eating and drinking well and Im  learning how to navigate well. The wounds on my feet are healing and I like being bandaged to prevent further wounds. I have  a follow up with my vet soon. Stay tuned for more of my adventure in my new FUR life!!


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