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Bentley is a 2yr old male who was surrendered by his family. His owner is returning to work and can no longer provide the loving care he needs. 


Bentley has a few medical concerns we want to get looked at asap. He has dry skin and missing hair on some parts of his body. He has a sensitive stomach and is fairly thin. We noticed bloody stool since he’s been in foster care as well. 


His breathing is labored at times. You see his nose has been genetically altered to become a “speciality” style that some breeders have created known as “Rope Nose.” However, this modification greatly impacts his breathing. He gets tired and out of breath quickly. He will have to have limited play time to keep breathing under control. 


He is a very sweet boy. He is easy going and gets along with people and dogs. We are letting him get settled into his foster home now. 


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