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French Bulldog




LOCATION: Riverside, CA

AGE: 3 years

SEX: Female/Spayed

WEIGHT:18 lbs

KIDS: yes


CATS: yes



Hi, it’s me, Blossom! I’ve got some great news to share! I will be ready to find my FUR-ever home soon!

I am three years old and weigh about 18lbs. My story began when I was found wandering a neighborhood, abandoned in my wheelchair, dirty and in pain. FUR rescue saved me after no one came looking for me. I have been treated for an infection, and got care for the wounds on my arms and legs. I was taken to the vet and the confirmed my injuries in my legs are old and were not treated. Because of that, I am unable to use my back legs. The good news is, I still have control of my bowels!


I’ve been enjoying so much love and care with my foster family! On the weekends, we head to the park, restaurants, and farmers markets—I love car rides! Now, I can't wait to bring joy and love to my new FUR-ever family!

Personality-wise, I'm a happy-go-lucky girl! I love relaxing in my bed, but I'd rather be taking in the sights and sniffs on a stroller ride. Some of my favorite things include car rides, walks in my stroller, and, of course, treats! I'm not a fan of getting dirty, but who is?

On a scale of 1-10, I'm about a 4 for energy and a 9 for affection. I'm not aggressive, but I might bark at new dogs and cats until I get to know them. I have the cutest little "bork!" I'm a mellow girl with no signs of destructiveness.

I'm a paraplegic and can't use my back legs, but I get around great in my wheelchair and drag bag. I've been working on my potty training and doing really well. I wear diapers at times, but if you take me outside I will go potty outside. I also know how to go to the potty pads!

I'm crate trained, and I could live in an apartment. I love kids, other dogs, and even cats with slow introductions.

I'm looking for a FUR-ever home with someone who is available to take me out for frequent potty breaks. I absolutely adore people and I'm just so happy to be by your side after the life I've had. I can adapt to a flexible environment as long as there’s a little patience with introductions.

I come with my brand new stroller, wheelchair, and drag bag!

Think we would be a great match? If so, please click on the link in the bio to complete an adoption application! You could also help me find my FUR-ever home by sharing this with others who would be a perfect match.




LOCATION: Riverside, CA

AGE: 1.5 years

SEX: Female/Spayed

WEIGHT: 21 lbs

KIDS: Older Dog Savvy


CATS: yes


Hello! It’s me, Poppy, and I am ready to find my FUR-ever home! 

I am a sweet and timid girl, just 15 months old and weighing in at 21 lbs. I am currently living my best Frenchie life in foster care in Riverside, California, after I was surrendered by a breeder, and my early life seemed much like a puppy mill-like environment, leaving me with a lack of socialization and some fear of people and new experiences. Despite this, I have not displayed any aggression toward humans or other animals.

I am an adorable little dog with a silly underbite, often showing my bottom teeth or sticking out my tongue, and I take great pride in using the ramp to climb up onto the couch.

I absolutely adore napping on the couch with my human and doing zoomies around the fenced backyard with the resident Frenchie. Playtime with the cats (who I think are tiny dogs) and exploring the yard are some of my favorite activities. I am all about food and treats, and I love chewing on bones like Nylabones and cow hooves. While I'm energetic and playful, I have a lot to learn about this big world!

My timid nature means I can be fearful around strangers and wary of being picked up, but I am working on these things. Although I'm still learning, I'm surprisingly good on the leash during walks and find it quite enjoyable! I'm also crate trained, though I prefer a larger exercise pen when alone. Potty training is slow going as I don’t signal to go out yet, but I keep my exercise pen clean and would thrive with a consistent routine.

As for my ideal FUR-ever home, I would enjoy a fenced yard, and I need a patient, understanding family to help me build confidence and gently expose me to new experiences. While I could live with smaller dogs and cats, I don’t think I’m ready for small children just yet. I do have mild allergies and take daily medications to keep the itchiness and watery eyes at bay. 

Think we would be a great match? If so, please click on the link in the bio to complete an adoption application! You could also help me find my FUR-ever home by sharing this with others who would be a perfect match.




LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

AGE: 4 years

SEX: Female/Spayed

WEIGHT: 30 lbs

KIDS: dog savvy kids


CATS: unknown



Hello! It’s me, Stormi, and I am ready for my FUR-ever home!


I am 4-year-old female weighing 30 lbs and currently living with my foster family in Los Angeles, California. I found myself in foster care after my previous owner faced housing issues, but I'm ready to find my new FUR-ever family where I can bring lots of love and joy!


I absolutely adore toys and playtime with my foster fur siblings. My playful nature shines when I'm trying to catch the water from the hose as foster dad waters the garden—it's a favorite pastime of mine! My typical day involves chewing on toys, enjoying Nyla bones, and playing with other pets. I'm affectionate and full of energy, always ready to shower you with love and snuggles. I can be a little vocal at times to let you know I want to play or be near you. I love being with people!


I'm pretty silly and always happy! 

I haven't shown any aggression or destructiveness, and I get along great with other dogs. I haven't met any cats yet. I would do well with dog savvy children who can keep up with my playful energy. 


I'm crate-trained, but I prefer a larger space to move around in. Sometimes I regurgitate when I drink to much water or eat to fast so I take a supplement to help with acid reflex at times. After I eat, it's best to restrict playtime for about an hour to help my food digest. I'm also on joint supplements to support my mobility and doctor recommends I loose a little weight, but other than that, I'm pretty healthy!


In my FUR-ever home, I would thrive with a Frenchie companion and a yard to enjoy. I overheat easily, so air conditioning is a must on hot days. A laid-back, couch potato family would be perfect for me. I'm looking for a family who can appreciate my charming personality and playful spirit!


Think we would be a great match? If so, please click on the link in the bio to complete an adoption application! You could also help me find my FUR-ever home by sharing this with others who would be a perfect match.

Image 5-21-24 at 4.25 PM.jpeg


LOCATION: Temecula, CA

AGE: 2 years

SEX: Male/Neutered

WEIGHT: 27 lbs

KIDS: Older Dog Savvy


CATS: yes


Hi there! It’s me, Moo and I am ready to find my FUR-ever home! 

I’m a 2-year-old male tipping the scales at a solid 27 pounds. I currently reside in beautiful Temecula, California. My journey started when I was rescued from a high-kill shelter, and ever since, I’ve been showered with love and care by my foster mama.

While in foster care I’ve been neutered and received treatment for some wounds on my face. Turns out I am blind in one eye, but that doesn’t stop me. I do everything just like a normal pup! 

I absolutely adore staring snuggling. There’s nothing better than being loved on! Playing fetch with my toys is another one of my favorite activities. I’m a calm, kind, and loving little guy, and while I’m not a fan of rough play, I’m quite content with gentle, loving interactions.

I’m also proud to say that I’m crate trained and doing pretty well with potty training. I haven’t shown any signs of destructiveness or aggression beyond my initial apprehension with overly energetic dogs. I do have to admit, though, that I can get a bit grumpy when meeting new, high-energy pups. I prefer calmer canine companions and get along just fine with cats.

I would thrive in a home with a yard where I can stretch my legs and enjoy the outdoors. One of the most adorable things I do is stare at you with my loving eyes, melting your heart every time. I love spending time with my humans, so a home where someone is around most of the time would be perfect for me. I can get a bit anxious when left alone, even if I have a fur sibling.

Ready to love Moo? Think he would be a great fit for your home?

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